All About Jazz

Urban Dreamer / Losen Records

07/04/2022 - 01:20


«...The band's collective virtuosity (particularly Evgeny Lebedev's capering piano leads) still blends any flash with humble charm and an endlessly generous chemistry among all involved. LRK's signature grooves still appeal to both head and feet in fine form. The mix also expands to include accordion, pedal-steel guitar, childlike chimes, frisky danceable rhythms, a string quartet and even an unashamedly romantic ballad crooned by JD Walter. That last actually makes for one of the oddest moments midway through, simply because it sounds dropped in from a different album entirely (sincere as it may be on its own). Ultimately, though, their ever-developing style is as accessible and omnivorous as ever. If the headlong rush to beat their own path leaves Urban Dreamer less cohesive than its predecessors, even the misfires make the journey more interesting along the way...»

Geno Thackara